Channel 9 Live

Watch Channel 9 Live: streaming Online, Cricket, apps

Most of us don’t know how to watch channel 9-live. Our complete article dedicates to them. We will discuss here all the possible ways where anyone can certainly watch live channel 9.

Channel 9 is on the list of the most famous satellite channels in Bangladesh. The channel has very much well-known worldwide for telecasting various kinds of quality programs, including talk shows, movies, news, sport live, dramas, current affairs, and many more from the starting. If you want to enjoy these programs and live streaming more innovatively, please continue reading.

Channel 9 live

In this article, we are going to discuss channel-9 live in 4-proper ways.

  • Live on apps
  • Live on YouTube
  • Live on servers
  • Live on website online

We will briefly describe each of them very clearly so that all of you can know the excellent methods to watch live.

Channel 9 live on apps

If you want to enjoy live from Channel 9 more quickly, you can use your smartphone. As Channel 9 has launched their apps too for their viewers, one can easily download them from the Google play store.

 Simply go to the play store. Search “Channel 9 Live App” on the search bar. Then download and install it to your android phone. After installing, you will be able to see all live from Channel 9 successfully.

Channel 9 live on YouTube.

Many of us feel comfortable seeing all programs from YouTube. If you are on that list and need to see it live on YouTube, don’t worry. Channel 9 has launched an official YouTube channel to telecast their all programs as well as live there. Moreover, this option is also better if you want to see live without buffering in a 2G internet connection.

For watching live, go to YouTube, search for ‘Channel 9 Live”, and it will be redirected to their channel. Click and enjoy the live.

Channel 9 live online

If you want to enjoy live online from your desktop or pc, there are also have many options. Their all programs and live also telecast on multiple websites. Dhakasports is the most famous of them. One can see their favourite show and live streaming for free.

Another popular website is JagoBd, where you will also find your desired shows from channel 9. For watching, go to their official website address and then sign up. But be sure that you are using a high-speed internet connection.

Channel 9 live server

By using the server, you can easily access all live streaming going on this channel. For that, various types of servers are available. You can use Broadband Remote Access Server. But first, you must confirm that your ISP is connected to the server. Otherwise, you will not find the channel and the live. It will be better to ask the ISP provider whether it is connected or not.

Not only broadband, but you can also use Bendix Live TV Server, Bdip, Ebox Live TV server alternate to it. But notice about ISP network to enjoy HD quality live.

Channel 9 live streaming

If you are not in front of your television and want to view the programs on your favourite channel 9, the online platform will be your best solution. It is one of the best platforms in satellite channels to enjoy live shows from wherever we are staying.

As you can see above, we have already many effective options to watch Channel 9 live online. You may choose any of them for live streaming.


We hope our guide helps you enough to gather knowledge about how to watch live channel-9 and a problem solution for those who don’t know the absolute ways. Thanks a lot!!

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