Most of the people don’t know how to watch Btv live online. If you are also on that list, our complete guide is for you. We’ll briefly describe the proper ways of watching live from the channel BTV on your android or desktop.

BTV Live Online

With the digitalization of Bangladesh, the government is also trying to update the BTV channel. The authors have gained success to launch their all programs as well as live streaming online. Watching these live from Btv is not only for entertainment purposes but also educational too. Also, one will get all the authentic news and current affairs of Bangladesh or various states.

Watch GTV Live

But many of us can’t keep pace with digitization and don’t know how to watch online live tv. For those, we will make it easier and going to discuss 4-effective ways. From today, all of us will enjoy all live sessions on our android or desktop and pc. Read the methods carefully.

Bangladesh Television (Btv) live

Many of us prefer to use apps for our various needs. Btv is not far lagging from it. They have launched their apps also for their favourite viewers, where one can get all updates from Btv. But if you want to watch live Btv, you have to use the Jagobd app. All the live from Btv, you may find inside this app.

BTV Live Streaming Link

To find the app, go to the google play store, search Jagobd. Then download and install it on your smartphone. Having good storage will work thoroughly. Also, if you are using iOS-based apps, then go to iCloud and install Jagobd from there.

Btv Live on YouTube.

Now, I’will show you one of the easiest ways of watching live, and that is from YouTube. Moreover, it is the most comfortable method. You will enjoy the program without any vexation, and even you have a 2G internet connection to your android phone.

Let’s go through the process. First, enter into YouTube. Search for “Bangladesh Television BTV Live Official” in the search bar. It will redirect you to their official channel. Click on the live, and you are ready to see all that in very smoothly.

BTV Live Streaming Online

If you are willing to watch live on your desktop or pc, you may watch on various websites. As we all know, Dhakasports is the most popular of them. You will be able to see all your desired live from this website. Just go to your browser and search for Dhakasports. Go to their website and enjoy the live.

Another option, “Jagobd”, is also an eminent website channel for watching live. You may use this also. But notice to your internet connection. It must be a strong internet connection to your desktop or pc. Otherwise, it will start buffering.

Btv Live server

If you are using, broadband internet connection to your pc and desktop or android phone, this method will be for you. To watch in server, go to your favorite browser and then enter your ISP’s local FTP. After that, go to the TV server, and you will get Btv there. Many broadband servers are available, like Bendix Live TV Server, Bdip, Ebox Live TV server, where you also get the channel.

But if your ISP is not connected to the server, you will not find the channel. So, it’s better if you ask the ISP provider if they link that or not. If you are still looking for it, please follow the steps above. You will get your solution by following any of those correctly.


We hope this article has helped you enough to know the details about BTV live. From today, you will not miss any of your favourite programs. Thank you.